Is Vape Better than Cigarettes

Neither smoking nor vaping is better than the other one and has equal side effects and risks to human health. Although many believe that vaping is better than cigarettes, this is not necessarily the case as research suggests that vaping is dangerous as well. 

A tobacco cigarette contains more than 7,000 chemicals with 70 cancer causing toxins. Likewise, a vape contains more than 500 chemicals with toxins like acetaldehyde which is associated with cancer and asthma. In this blog, we will cover if vaping is better than cigarettes, the addictive property, and the potential benefits of vaping over smoking. 

Common Addictive Property of Cigarettes and Vapes

The most common addictive agent in cigarettes and vapes is nicotine. It is naturally found in tobacco plants and is found in vapes’ e-liquid (with different types i.e. base nicotine and salt nicotine). Once you get nicotine dependency, it causes you to crave for more. Nicotine is toxic which can spike your adrenaline and raise your blood pressure, likely raising the chances of having a heart attack. This addictive substance is normally found in tobacco products like cigarettes, cigars, hookah tobacco, chewing tobacco, and vape juices. 

With the growing vaping trends and smoking culture, you can find multiple nicotine-free vape pods that are perfect as an alternative to traditional smoking and nicotine infused vape juice. When used properly, non-nicotine vape devices are a safe and effective way to quit smoking. 

Smoking vs. Vaping

What is better, smoking or vaping has been a long debate for smokers and non-smokers. Traditional cigarettes are filled with tobacco leaves, chemical additives, and a filter all wrapped in a paper. When burned and inhaled, the cigarette releases over 7,000 chemicals with 70 that can cause cancer. On the other hand, vape comes with e-liquid juice with multiple flavor choices and nicotine choice catering to each individual. 

Long term effects


Many call vaping a safe and beneficial way to quit smoking, however, it has potential health risks just like any traditional cigarettes. The long term effects of vaping are associated with an increased risk for respiratory diseases, shortness of breath, heart attack, lung damage like EVALI. 


The long term effects of smoking cigarettes are cancer in any part of the body specially lungs, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and even diabetes. Besides this, long-term smoking also increases risks of reduced fertility, stillbirth, preterm or early delivery, SIDS and miscarriage.

Short term effects


The short term effects of vaping are persistent smokers cough, shortness of breath, fatigue, dry mouth, irritated throat, nausea, and headaches. Vaping is linked to increased risk of respiratory symptoms. 


The short term effects of smoking or inhaling smoke can cause acute respiratory discomfort, increase heart rate and blood pressure, reduced lung function, develop lung cancer and heart disease. 

Potential Benefits of Vaping over Smoking

E-cigarette or vapes are electrical devices which turn the e-liquid into vapor when it's activated, delivering a smooth sensation similar to smoking a cigarette. The e-juice is made of nicotine, glycerine, propylene glycol, and flavorings to create an aerosol to inhale. These devices come in a range of styles, features, designs, and an array of flavor blends to cater each individual and their preferences.  

Vaping is considered as an alternative to quitting smoking with the nicotine infused flavors. It has less toxins and chemicals in comparison to traditional cigarettes and is labeled less harmful than smoking. The cost of vaping devices is cheaper than cigarettes in the long run. It mimics the smoking sensation and offers outstanding experiences which can be helpful for quitting smoking. 


Vaping is way different than smoking both in design and feel. Vapes are considered better than smoking a cigarette by most people due to its less harmful chemical and toxins rate when inhaled. The long-term effects of smoking are lung cancer, stroke, cardiovascular disease, and reduced fertility.

On the other hand, vapes are cheaper than buying a pack of cigarettes in the long-run. You can enjoy vaping without the fear of stinky breath and clothes. Vape comes with a wide selection of flavor choices while cigarettes have only a handful of flavor options.

Is Vape Better than Cigarettes
SEO NEPA June 16, 2024
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