Why Does My Disposable Vape Taste Burnt?

Disposable vapes are getting popular for their wide flavor variety, convenient, compact, and sleek design, and innovative features like smart LED screen to track the battery and e-liquid levels, mesh coils, pre-filled juice capacity, and rechargeable batteries. Their portable and user-friendly designs make them discreet and easy to carry around for anytime vaping. 

The disposable devices sometimes taste burnt even when it's new due to a few reasons like high voltage chain vaping, and low or incorrect e-juice. When the vape is overworked, the coil starts drying out  and  leading to a burnt taste in each puff. Here in this blog, we will briefly talk about the possible causes of burnt taste and tips on how to fix it. 

Potential Causes of a Burnt Taste in Disposable Vapes

Burnt taste in disposable vapes can be a result of low e-liquid, chain vaping, or even high voltage use while vaping. This sometimes leads the coil to go bad and deliver a burnt or charred taste in each puff. Here is a list of few possible causes of  a burnt taste in disposable vapes:

Low On Vape Juice

When your device goes low on vape juice, the wicks inside the device are exposed to the coils which may lead the wicks to go dry and overheat. This delivers a dry hit and eventually turns into a burnt hit if left unaddressed. 

High Resistance

Each vape device has a wattage range or offers adjustable wattage settings that control the coil’s heat and adjust to squirt their needs. The lower power setting delivers a less intense vaping experience while a higher power setting delivers a warmer and more intense vape. When you go beyond the offered range, the high resistance may pose a burnt flavor.   

Overused Coils

When the coil is overworked and inefficient, this can lead to a burnt taste. The frequent vaping wears down the wick and degrades the lifespan of coil causing. A coil typically lasts around 1-2 weeks and  you can easily change the coil with a quick and easy process provided by the manufacturer. 

Low Quality E-Liquid

Sometimes, the disposable vapes are filled with vape juices incompatible with the device which causes the vape to burn. Likewise, the wrong ratio of VG or PG may also cause the wick and coil to go bad. Vape juice with high PG requires low heat, hence, pairing this kind of juice with 35W to 50W causes it to burn. 

Chain Vaping

Chain vaping is one of the main causes for the burnt taste of disposable vape pens which occurs when the user is taking too many puffs within a short time. When the vape is continuously used, there is no time for the wick to soak more e-liquid for the coil to heat. This burns the wick and the e-juice which eventually produces a burnt taste. 

Tips To Fix a Burnt Disposable Vape

There is zero possibility to prevent the burnt taste if the juice runs out. Now that you know the reason behind the possibilities for the burnt taste, you can prevent or minimize this with a few steps. Here is what you can do to prevent a burnt disposable vape:

Check the E-Liquid Level

The primary goal is to keep track of the e-liquid in the juice pod. By keeping the e-juice refilled (if the device is refillable) enough, it keeps the wick and coils from going dry and prevents them from delivering the burnt hits. 

Adjust The Resistance Of Coil

For a smooth functioning device, adjust the resistance accordingly to suit the resistance of the coil. Users are advised to start with a lower wattage and gradually increase it until they find the optimum level that suits their palate. 

Store Properly

When the disposable vapes are not stored properly, it can cause damage to the device. Extreme heat and cold temperature can cause internal part issues and the device likely fails to deliver the desired vapor flavor. 

Replace The Coil On Time

If your disposable vape parts are replaceable, you should replace the parts like coils and e-juice on time since their lifespan is up to 1 or 2 weeks only. By regularly monitoring and replacing the used coils ensure the best flavor, taste and vapor experience.

Buy Best Quality Disposable Vapes

The quality of materials used in vape like e-liquids, coil, and battery affects the outcome of vaping experience. Top quality materials plays a pivotal role in long usage of the vapes which is why we prefer users to vape a high quality vaping device and vape sellers to sell only authentic vape from authorized distributor in order to protect their goodwill and brand image within vaping communities.

Final Words

The disposable vapes deliver a burnt or charred puff when its coil is old, high wattage, dry wick, low e-juice, and also due to chain vaping. This process degrades the lifespan of the wick and coil which starts delivering burnt vapor for the users. The burnt puffs can be prevented by regularly cleaning the wick, replacing the coil on time, refilling e-juice pod, and storing the device at a cool and stable pace.

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Why Does My Disposable Vape Taste Burnt?
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