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HQD Cuvie Bar Display

Depth: 5.75 inches | Width: 13 inches | Height: 22.35 inches

Cuvie Bar Flavors

 Mojito Mix berries

 White Gummy

 Sky Mint

 Black Ice

 Cool Mint

 Lush Ice



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FAQs of HQD Vapes

What is HQD Vape?

HQD is a disposable electronic cigarette brand manufactured by HQD Tech and officially distributed by Nepa Wholesale in the US. The company offers a variety of e-cigarettes, understanding and adopting the international business philosophy with the market and consumers’ demand. HQD offers users innovative, sleek, portable, and easy to use vape kits.

In an effort to optimize its supply chain for the US, HQD has partnered with Nepa Wholesale, a Florida based authorized HQD vape distributor. Find a diverse range of HQD vapes available in plenty flavors with Nepa ranging from reusable, disposable, rechargeable to non-rechargeable products.

While HQD is a brand itself, its product line has managed to establish itself as a brand on its own in the market. Some of HQD’s best sellers are HQD SUPER, HQD HOT 5000 Puffs, HQD CUVIE PLUS 1200 Puffs, HQD XXL 4500 Puffs, HQD BOX 5000 Puffs, HQD MAYA, HQD MARS, HQD Bar, HQD SLICK, HQD XXL, HQD QUIT, HQD PLUS 2.0, HQD GLAZE, and HQD AIR 4000 Puffs to name a few. The HQD disposable vapes are popular for its ease of use, portability, and wide range of flavors.

  • HQD Super: HQD SUPER 600 puffs comes with 400 mAh battery and 3ml liquid capacity.This pod is available in 16 different flavors and is quite popular amongst the beginners as its sleek pen-like design is portable to carry around and easy to use.
  • HQD XXL: HQD XXL 4500 PUFFS is 119.3x25.3mm in size with 1300 mAh Lithium-Ion battery, 12 ml e-liquid capacity, and 50 mg Nicotine concentration. Its compact and user-friendly design makes it ideal for on-the-go enjoyment and easily fits in your hand.
  • HQD Cuvie Plus: Another popular HQD brand is the HQD CUVIE PLUS 1200 Puffs with Aluminium cylindrical body and 50 mg strong Nicotine hit. This kit is loved for its pure and variety of flavors and its convenience to use. From the start to end, its flavor remains the same with every batch which makes it well-loved and popular amidst vapers.
  • HQD Cuvie Box: The HQD BOX 5000 Puffs became fan-favorite for its long-lasting and satisfying vaping experience and a variety of flavors to suit all tastes. Likewise, its compact and discreet design makes it portable to use anywhere at any time.
  • HQD Cuvie Hot: HQD HOT 5000 Puffs series became popular for its unique striped youthful and creative design which is quite different from other HQD brands. With 550 mAh battery and 14 ml e-liquid capacity paired with moderate Nicotine concentration.​​

The HQD disposable vapes has hundreds of carefully and skillfully crafted flavors for their consumers from all around which range from traditional tobacco, fruity, refreshing, tangy, savory to creative and exotic ones. All HQD flavors are a perfect blend of juicy fruits, berries, and mints paired with the perfect amount of Nicotine delivering a delightful fusion of flavor in every puff one takes.

While HQD has a huge range of outstanding e-juice choices, based on fans and product popularity, below is a list of best HQD Vape flavors that you can try in 2024.

  • Blueberry lemonade
  • Pineapple Ice
  • Black Ice
  • Ice Mint
  • Sky Mint
  • Grape
  • Blueberry
  • Banana
  • Strawberry
  • Blue Razz
  • Mint Ice
  • Strawberry Watermelon
  • Mango
  • Black Dragon
  • Kiwi Strawberry

While some of HQD’s vapes are non-rechargeable, some come with a rechargeable feature and 650 mAh battery life designed to last up to 12,000 puffs on a single charge. With the HQD rechargeable battery feature, it comes with a USB Type-C charging port.

However, it is crucial to understand your device’s battery and charging specifications to maintain its performance and safety by reviewing the guidelines provided in the package or user manual.

Moving on, HQD vape has a warranty policy that covers manufacturing defects and malfunctions within a specified time period. The warranty claim duration may vary depending on the specific model of the battery. With that being said, users are encouraged to be familiarized with the terms and conditions of their items and the warranty and how to claim it if needed.

Yes, Nepa Wholesale is an authorized distributor of HQD vapes. You can purchase HQD’s product from Nepa Wholesale in bulk. We offer competitive price varieties of new and popular HQD vape wholesale in the US. Login or signup now to buy HQD vapes wholesale.  You can refer to our customer care service for any inquiry.

To make sure if your HQD is authentic or not, you can check the security code on the manufacturer’s page, check for a QR code, check the manufacturer’s country by barcode, and you can also visit the official HQD website or use the designated verification platform.

HQD has a variety of vape products where some come with nicotine strength up to 50 mg while some are nicotine free, HQD Quit is a nicotine free HQD disposable vape.

The four ingredients present in HQD disposable vapes are vegetable glycerin, nicotine, natural/artificial flavoring, and propylene glycol. The amount of chemicals content in HQD vapes are well measured and are complied to the regulations.

Below are the details related to delivery:

  • We deliver timely by collaborating with local delivery partners.
  • We provide container shipping services for dropshipping enterprises (Only for large quantities).
  • Delivery charges are applicable on all deliveries.

The time duration of a HQD vape depends on the user and how they handle their device. Typically, HQD batteries are designed to last until you enjoy every bit of the pre-filled e-juice.

You can buy HQD vape wholesale from Nepa Wholesale website where you can surf through hundreds of options and all flavors offered by the brand. As Nepa Wholesale is the authorized distributor of HQD vapes in the USA, you are assured authentic product.